New Uber safety feature: Chicago among first cities to test rider verification system

Uber is launching a new safety feature to address safety concerns and Chicago is one of the first cities to test it out.

Under the new rider verification system, most accounts will get verified without you having to do anything.

The rideshare app will cross-reference the information that you already have in your account.

No ID is required; however, if it doesn’t work, you’ll need to upload a driver’s license, passport or other official document to get verified.

“This is something that we’re doing for trust purposes to enhance safety on the platform and it’s something that drivers have asked us for for awhile,” an Uber employee said. “I can tell you in my previous career as a former prosecutor, criminals don’t want us to know who they are because they want to hide and not be caught. And so this transparency through rider ID is something we really hope to enhance safety on the platform.”

If you aren’t verified, you’re not banned from using the app. But, if the driver doesn’t see the blue check mark, they could decide not to pick you up.

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