We are working to make app-based workers’ voices heard, while spreading awareness about the benefits of the flexibility economy.

Drivers are making nearly double Chicago’s minimum wage.

Today, average earnings for drivers in Chicago are up to nearly $35/hr* while on a delivery, and that’s before tips.
*See earnings study here.


Drivers value the flexibility and pay app-based work offers.

Recent polling and studies show that drivers want flexibility, independence, and are satisfied with their earnings.

  • Nearly 50% of drivers work less than 9 hours per week
  • 86% of drivers don’t rely on driving as their primary income
  • 75% of drivers are satisfied with their job and financial situation
  • 63% of drivers say they would stop driving with app-based platforms if they lost their independence

Drivers want to remain independent contractors.

  • In independent polling, 82% of respondents said that they would rather be considered an “independent contractor” than an employee.
  • On top of that, 90% said being an independent contractor is a “good arrangement” for them in their lifestyle.

Hear from drivers across Illinois:

“At first, I was a driver for extra income, but I soon realized the income I made driving was just as much as my full-time job. And as the parent of a 9-year-old and caretaker, I needed the flexibility Lyft offered….I love the flexibility my job offers, and it must be protected.”

– Jahnarri G., Lyft, (Chicago, IL)

I am a single mom and was Dashing before the pandemic to supplement my income. Since mid-March, my kids have been home and I’ve been furloughed from work. Dashing has allowed me to provide for my children with a flexible schedule and makes me feel like I am also supporting my community in the process.”

– Lisa G., DoorDash (Rockford, IL)

“I love being able to work my own hours and help my community through these trying times with the pandemic. To be able to combine my great customer service and help people that are at high risk for going out during the pandemic was a BIG driving factor for me. The ability to work until my financial goals are met is also a big driving force for me.”

– Mimi P., Instacart, (Brookfield, IL)