New Poll Shows Drivers Want Flexibility and Independence

From Illinois Playbook

By Shia Kapos

FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: A new poll shows support in Illinois for allowing gig drivers to keep their independence while also getting access to a portable benefits fund. The issue has rankled lawmakers across the country as unions have pushed for drivers to choose collective bargaining over flexibility to drive when they want. A union contract, for example, provides stable earnings, benefits and hours. The poll says a majority of independent or freelance drivers who work for ride-hailing companies like Uber or Lyft prefer the ability to pick up work when they want. The ALG Research poll commissioned by the Illinois Coalition for Independent Work shows support for a “third way” solution that allows drivers to retain flexibility and independence while getting access to a portable benefits fund. The poll of 1,017 voters, including 200 drivers, shows 70 percent of current union members surveyed and 71 percent of Black voters support coverage that offers flexibility and benefits.